Q & A with Daniel Kang of Doosan Mobility Innovations

Doosan is a global leading player in the Infrastructure Support Business (ISB) — providing solutions in fields such as fuel cells, power plants, desalination plants, construction & compact equipment, and construction and engineering. Doosan’s fuel cell business is an exciting future growth engine, accounting for around $0.5 billion in revenue. Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) is a 100% invested company by Doosan Corporation, and focuses on the mobile applications of fuel cell technology. They're heavily investing in UAV applications to enable reliable long-endurance flight, accelerating the growth of the UAV industry. Doosan is a company with more than a century of history that has been rapidly transforming itself for continuous growth over time.

Tell us what makes the Doosan drone different.

Our drone is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell (referred as a powerpack), leveraging technology we’ve built and deployed for onsite energy production and storage for industrial sites around the world. By using a powerpack instead of batteries, we are able to deliver a long endurance drone with up to 2 hours of flight time. This long endurance produces 6-8 times more data per flight, which dramatically reduces operational cost, and the extended range opens up BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) use cases that weren’t viable with 20-30 minute flight times.

How does your technology help public safety, specifically?

We believe our solution will soon be indispensable for public safety use. During an accident, fire, or other emergency situation, the ability to park a sensor in the sky for two hours, have a daylight camera with zoom and/or thermal, is so much more effective than needing to return home and land every 20 minutes to swap batteries. For search and rescue applications, the extra long endurance allows you to cover much more ground, much faster.

What can we expect from you at SafeCon?

You can expect us to solve for long endurance BVLOS aerial data applications and trust our solution will be reliable, environmentally conscious, and the first truly scalable enterprise solution to market. Doosan is not a tech startup or even a drone company. We have been making industrial grade equipment for well over a century. When we build a product we are committed to doing it right, because we know our customers rely on our products every day to run their operations. In the case of public safety,  we know that people’s lives and property may be at stake. We’ve built a reputation of trust and we are very seriously committed to delivering a BVLOS drone solution that lives up to the Doosan name. You can expect us to continue to listen to the customer, innovate to meet their needs and be a global leader in the commercial drone space for many years to come.